A Loss in the Mundelein LUNCH Family – Aug 13 2020

Dear Friends,

We unfortunately have some sad news to share with you about a tragic event that happened yesterday, Wednesday, August 12: One of our dedicated Mundelein LUNCH Volunteers, Pat Stejskal, had an accident and died as a result of the injury. Pat had served at the Diamond Lake Village site. She was leaving the parking lot on her scooter, but fell and hit her head. Other LUNCH volunteers rushed to be of assistance and call 911, but she was unresponsive. The Sheriffs office calls this a freak accident.

Several Diamond Lake Village residents created a memorial with a cross and flowers. Residents also came to express their sympathies to the volunteers today. Pat’s sister-in-law came to the site today and informed us that Pat is donating her organs and tissue and will help about 30 people.

Pat was doing what she loved. She was friendly, generous, kind, and committed to serving the community.

A Memorial Service for Pat will take place on Saturday, August 22 at 9:30 am on the front lawn of Gracepointe Church. Casual dress and bring your OWN lawn chair to sit on. Practice social distancing when you setup and please wear masks if you come closer than 6 feet to anyone.

Pat was the housemate of Nancy Cassell. They met as missionaries and developed a friendship but became sisters.
We express our care and compassion to Nancy and Pat’s family: Joe and Dorothy, Pat’s aged parents, her brother Joe, and sister-in-law Millie, and wish them all comfort and peace.

Our Mundelein LUNCH program has been a powerful connection for our community. May we continue to find strength and hope in our faith and in each other.

Rev. Dr. Kris Hewitt, Pastor
Ivanhoe Congregational UCC
on behalf of the Mundelein LUNCH Planning Team