Signup is LIVE for Mundelein LUNCH 2019

It’s that time! Things are starting to gear up, plans are being made, and we are all looking forward to a good summer with kids in the Mundelein parks.

Most urgently needed are volunteers willing to be trained by Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB) as TEAM LEADERS. This program run by the Northern Illinois Food Bank, requires one trained Team Leader at every site at every occasion of food distribution. So… 2 sites, a trained leader at each site means 2 trained leaders every day, 5 days a week, for 10 weeks. That’s 100 points of need this summer!

Simply put, if we don’t have a Team Leader at the site, we can’t serve food at that site that day. Yes, we need site volunteers also – they make it work! But without the trained team leaders, we can’t do business. So, we hope you will consider taking the training at New Hope Christian Fellowship here in Mundelein (across from the fire station on US 45) on May 20 from 7:00-9:00 pm. Read more about Team Leader training and how to register at our post here.

In whatever capacity you are able to volunteer, we welcome you back! The 2019 Summer signup is live, and you can go there and start signing up whenever you like. Please click here to be taken to the online signup.